Living with the Moon and your own cycle

Do you track where you are in your own cycle with the cycle of the Moon? 

The first quarter moon means to ‘take action’ that is to take action on your intentions set between the new moon and waxing crescent.

Where you are in your own cycle will affect this. 

So where are you in your own cycle right now?

For me, I’m a day or 2 away from menstruation. My intention this cycle was to listen to myself, to go within and spend time with me and to honour my inner child.

Today, I feel the need to slow down and so taking action means to do exactly that, I have an urge to pick up a pencil and draw and I am being called to meditate and listen.


Where are you up to in your cycle and what is your call today?

Are you slowing down or are you up and moving? 🌓✨🔻

Want to learn more about the Moon Cycle? Sign up to my Master the Moon Cycle course where we cover the entire moon cycle and connect to our menstrual, using the two to learn how to honour our needs and to create the life we want.

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