Full Moon in Capricorn/ Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Capricorn Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse U.K. 5.44am 5 July 2020.

If there was one Full Moon of the year that was a standout then this is it. This Full Moon closes out the eclipse season which takes us back to last year when we experienced the same eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn.

Capricorn and Cancer are the Father and Mother archetype signs of the zodiac, when we use the term mother and father it doesn't mean gender it means the masculine and feminine energies that live in all of us. With the Sun in Cancer throughout this lunar cycle it sets the theme of connection to the mother.

When the Moon is Full it illuminates all that needs to come to the surface and in Capricorn it polarises that of Cancer and looks at what we are not doing for ourselves. Capricorns are reserved, enduring and initiators and while they have the father/masculine theme they are feminine as they are linked to the earth element.

To use this Full Moon, ask yourself the following questions: - What have I learnt from this time to last year till now? - What is coming to an end for me? - What is no longer serving me?

In the lead up to this final eclipse many of us have experienced an aspect of darkness as the shadow/ego self appeared. The shadow reminds us of what is coming to surface that is asking to be healed.

The best advice I can give you with this Full Moon is to sit with whatever comes up for you and to journal on it. Write out what is no longer serving you and release it. Reset your intentions looking at what you want to start, stop or continue. Ground with the earth, nurture yourself and don't be afraid to act out of a place of love to cross the threshold into the next phase of your life.

I'll be discussing more of this Full Moon's energy at Monday night's ceremony and nurturing you with meditation to ground and connecting with the masculine and feminine within us. Along with some journal prompts and oracle readings and energy healing.


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