"Liz has been an amazing mentor, she really holds space for each one of us and is so kind and brings a lovely warmth, comfortability and realness to her work.

Liz  is very organised and knowledgeable and I feel that no question is too silly to ask her." -  Anna, Western Australia 

"Liz has a lovely natural way about her where you feel she is very much in her human-ness but also able to access higher connections. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the moon and is able to teach it in a way which makes you feel the true magic that it has to offer. Liz has inspired me to manifest and release with many moons and I have had incredible results. Liz is very much my moon witch and I am lucky to have worked with her"- Caroline Britton, U.K.


Working with me

When you work with me you get the support you need, I mentor you into becoming the best version of yourself. I will help you unlock your potential and reach for the goals you want. We will work out any blocks you may have together. 


A session with me could be anything from offering you more guidance on how to connect with yourself, or how to start up the business you've always wanted. I hold the space you need for that day and time.


I use my intuition to read your energy and what you need. I offer a safe space to listen and offer guidance to enable you to come into the power within you. This may be to develop your creative process, to set intentions to change your current way of living, emotional and art therapy, sound healing, and reconnection to the divine feminine. 

My approach is calming and nurturing and you are very much in control of the session, with  gentle guidance to allow you to seek the answers within you.