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we are starting to see a shift as a collective, women are wanting more and we are finding that we hold the power of change. 

We are relearning the ways of living cyclically.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the Moon, who could not be happy?

Oscar Wilde



The Moon and it's nightly passage through our skies reminds us that we are all apart of something big. Women are looking for ways to reconnect back to the ways we were thousands of years ago when living cyclically was all there was, when gathering in ceremony was important and sacred connection to the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the season was all there was.  

"I have always been fascinated by the moon but Liz has taught us so much about how to interpret the cycle, I am now full on obsessed! I was looking to learn more about myself and I have done just that, but what’s even better is that weekly, I’ve held space with a group of amazing women who have also taught me a lot."

                           Siobhan, U.K.

This is an opportunity to relearn this way of living, to reconnect back to the feminine ways

Reconnect back to living Cyclically

In this 4 week online immersion we will be exploring the Moon and Menstrual cycle and the impact they have on you. It's about connecting to source of who we are and connecting back to the cycles. 

During this programme I will show you how:


  • To connect with the Lunar Cycle  

  • To learn the ancient ways of using the Moon as a way to plan your life

  • To live with by the Masculine energies of the Yang/Waxing Moon

  • To live by the Feminine energies of the Yin/Waning Moon

  • To connect with the shadow self/ego

  • To connect with your menstrual cycle

  • To explore the inner seasons

  • To attune to your feelings 

  • To connect with other women and find power in sisterhood

  • To manifest with the New Moon

  • To release with the Full Moon

Alongside our LIVE weekly sessions you will have access to  

downloadable workbooks, a Moon Journal and recorded sessions

       PLUS....You have the option to receive your own Astrology Reading looking at your birth chart and location of the planets and houses to help you understand more about who you are.

"Master the moon cycle has been such an incredible and engaging course and I have really gained a deeper understanding of myself through these weeks.  Learning and  understanding our inner seasons really resonated with me, it is so lovely to finally start to really understand my body, my cycle and my needs."

                 Anna, Western Australia


Why this course?

For years I lived with direction but neglected to listen to myself, I was always in survival mode and was struggling in a world I didn't fit into. I thought I had everything I wanted, a man I finally married after 11 years, a 'great' job, a nice home but as it turned out it was everything I didn't want. I felt trapped and lost, all I knew was I had to leave it all and start again. 

Living this new life wasn't easy but what got me through was learning to live by the Moon, using the Full Moon to heal myself from all the self lothing and hatred I had from leaving that life behind. My journey of self discovery only grew and I learnt how to use the entire Moon cycle, from manifesting to setting intentions and making friends with my shadow self, to come out of the dark and into the light each cycle as a way of renewing and rebirthing myself.

By connecting with my menstrual cycle and healing the trauma carried in my womb space, allowing me to create my dreams and bring them into a reality. 

In this course I teach you how living cyclically has changed my life and how it can changes yours too. We are on this journey together, you will learn my struggles, you will learn my strengths, this is full transparency and this is how sisterhood begins. 

Week One: 

Introduction to the Moon Cycle, Menstrual and Seasons

Week Two:

First Quarter Moon: How to take action

Week Three:

Full Moon: Release and Refine

Week Four:

Third Quarter Moon: The power of forgiveness


How to move forward.

All sessions are interactive, allowing you to share and check in with how you are affected by what is going cyclically. 

By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding on how to check in with yourself using the Moon's cycle, your menstrual cycle and how to adapt to the seasons. You can also gain an understanding of Astrology and it's use in Moon wisdom.